Dear Restaurants: No, Sorbet Is Not an Acceptable Vegan Dessert Option

Whether you’ve been vegan 10 years or 10 seconds, there’s an obstacle we all face when dining out: dessert.

Here’s the thing, getting served a vegan meal is pretty easy nowadays. Even places like TGI Friday’s, Carls Jr., and White Castle offer Beyond and Impossible Burgers. I’ve even survived dinner at a local steakhouse my grandmother used to drag me to. OK, the meal was a baked potato loaded with veggies but still.

While appetizers and main dishes are pretty easy for vegans to come by, dessert remains a major challenge. And if you’re like me, you LOVE dessert. I am definitely a sweet over salty person. Whenever my husband and I go to a restaurant that isn’t all-vegan, our option is usually sorbet and I’ve honestly come to hate the shit.

Hear me out.

Sorbet is fruit-flavored ice… and who the hell wants ice for dessert? What’s more, the sorbet at restaurants is usually old and fossilized because no one with a damned ounce of decency would actually order that. Yes, I know it’s frozen so it should keep, but we all know what happens to food when it’s been in the freezer for over a decade.

Next, fruit-flavored anything is kinda bullshit for dessert. I want chocolate, I want caramel, I want something creamy for heaven’s sake. And here’s the thing, vegan versions of everything from cheesecake to ice cream are AMAZING these days. For restaurants to not have something, anything that’s vegan for dessert aside from lame-ass sorbet is not only a travesty, it’s just lazy.

So what am I suggesting? How about a bomb vegan cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory? Or what about some amazing vegan ice cream options at local restaurants to put over a vegan pumpkin-spiced apple pie? Honestly, vegan dessert is so good non-vegan customers won’t even know the difference. And think of all the lactose intolerant people who will rejoice.

Vegan dessert is an idea whose time has come! Just look at all the major ice cream brands like Breyer’s, Haagen Dazs, and Ben & Jerry’s who all recently introduced vegan versions. Please, all those who make decisions at restaurants, I implore you: NO MORE SORBET!