My Top Vegan Products at LUSH Cosmetics

If you’ve never stepped foot into a LUSH Cosmetics store, there is no way I can describe the olfactory splendor that occurs the minute you enter the shop. That is what I first dream about when I think of a LUSH – that intoxicating scent!

Founded in the U.K., LUSH stores have popped up all over the states in recent years. But LUSH is more than just your average bath and body line, they have a conscience. Since its inception, LUSH has donated more than $33 million dollars to over 2,000 grassroots advocacy groups including animal rights organizations like Sea Shepherd, LGBTQ groups, and orgs helping Syrian refugees. They’ve done this through their Charity Pot program as well as other fun promotional products.

In 2015, LUSH raised over $400K for the Love Fund with their Gay Is Okay soap

LUSH is also strictly against animal testing and has eliminated palm oil from almost all of its line.

On a recent visit to my local LUSH store I spoke with the manager about how vegan-friendly LUSH’s line is. He told me that while LUSH’s products are 100 percent vegetarian, only about 80 percent are vegan. But, he added, they’re constantly looking to do away with animal products completely and have greatly increased their vegan formulations in recent years. He said they still use egg and lanolin (an oil derived from wool) in some of their stuff but showed me that all the vegan products are marked with a “V” on the packaging.

Additionally, LUSH has taken steps in recent years to do away with plastic by producing shampoos and shower gels that have no packaging. Take a look!

The shower gels in the back have traditional plastic packaging, but the shower gels in the front are plastic-free

So, what are some of my favorite LUSH products? Number one is their Dream Cream. I’ve used this stuff religiously over the years. It’s just an incredible hand and body cream that is perfect for the winter months. I’ve actually heard this product is so emollient that many people with eczema find relief using it instead of pharmaceutical creams.

I also LOVE their bath bombs! They are legendary and smell AMAZING! They’re also super cheeky. Check out the eggplant emoji one – excuse me while I clutch my pearls!

I also asked the manager what his stand-out vegan products were. He said the Ocean Salt face and body scrub and the Cup O’Coffee face and body mask. I’ve actually heard that coffee when used as an active ingredient in face products can give you a little lift so I might have to try that one!

I also spotted this in the corner: chocolate and carrot cake-flavored lip scrubs? Yes, ma’am.

And then there was this gorgeous rainbow of bath oils in the center of the store. No plastic here either.

Now, if you don’t have a LUSH near you and you want to try their products you can always order online. I want to add that LUSH is super easy as far as returns. If you don’t like a product, you can always bring it back with a receipt. Additionally, they will make you samples galore if you go to the store so you can test things out. Treat yourself!