I Love Trader Joe’s, But Their Vegan Mozzarella Is Actual TRASH

Here’s the thing, I adore Trader Joe’s more than I can possibly say. I talk about them on my podcast, I write about them, and I shop there several times a week. But there’s something very amiss at TJ’s and it’s time we have a talk about it.

While they offer some truly amazing vegan options, one thing that’s sorely missing from their stores is vegan cheese. And honestly, there’s no excuse. I mean, we now live in the golden age of vegan cheese – there’s Miyoko’s, Follow Your Heart, Violife, etc. Even our local Ralph’s carries a few decent options.

You know what Trader Joe’s offers vegans? Their vegan mozzarella. And it’s beyond atrocious.

Forgive me, I know I should be positive and praise grocers for carrying plant-based alternatives to dairy cheese. But no, I just can’t with this stuff. It’s so nasty it should not be inflicted on anyone whether they’re vegan or not. I’ve actually feared for vegan-curious people who shop at Trader Joe’s and give it a try, because if they eat this crap they’ll never eat another vegan thing again. Trader Joe’s has almost an entire refrigerated case dedicated to cheese and this abomination is all we get? It’s truly a travesty.

As vegans, we always want to show the world how delicious plant-based foods can be – especially alternatives to meat, dairy, and eggs. Why Trader Joe’s would choose to offer only one vegan cheese – and one so horrifying – is baffling. Especially when they sell amazing vegan products like their delicious jackfruit crabless cakes or their celebrated meatless meatballs.

I’m not sure if I’m writing this as a warning or just to vent, but if you’re reading this and you haven’t already tried Trader Joe’s vegan mozzarella, for heaven’s sake DON’T. And if you have, I’m truly sorry. I know your pain and you have my condolences.

And if anyone from Trader Joe’s is reading this, I implore you: Stop carrying those wretched vegan mozzarella shreds and replace them with something decent. What did we ever do to you?