Here Are the Major Pizza Chains that Offer Vegan Cheese Right Now

Over the weekend, it was reported by some outlets that Pizza Hut, America’s largest pizza chain, would start offering vegan cheese nationwide. Sadly, that turned out to be fake news. But fuck Pizza Hut. Here are four major chains (over 100 locations each) that offer vegan cheese right now.

1. MOD Pizza

via MOD Pizza/Instagram

With over 400 locations, MOD not only offers vegan cheese, they also have a ton of veggies to choose from. And if you’re gluten-free, they have a crust that’s sans gluten as well for an additional two dollars.

2. Blaze Pizza

via Blaze Pizza/Instagram

Blaze Pizza boasts over 300 locations across the United States. (My husband went there all the time when he was on location filming in Texas!) They not only offer vegan cheese but they just announced a spicy vegan chorizo option as well! Like MOD, they offer a gluten-free crust upon request.

3. Mellow Mushroom

via Mellow Mushroom/Instagram

I love this place! I’ve eaten at Mellow Mushrooms in Alabama and in Florida and they’re fantastic! There are nearly 200 Mellow Mushrooms across the country. In addition to a vegan cheese option, they serve tofu and tempeh at all locations. Everything vegetarian on their menu is clearly marked with a “V” and they will work with you to make those dishes vegan upon request. They also have a gluten-free pizza crust option.

4. Pie Five Pizza

via Pie Five Pizza/Instagram

With restaurants mostly throughout the south and in California, Pie Five has nearly 100 locations. They have vegan cheese at all of them and a ton of veggies to choose from. And not only can you ask for a gluten-free crust, they have a crust made from cauliflower on their menu as well!

All-Vegan Pizzerias!

While located mainly in major cities, vegan pizzerias are popping up and they take plant-pizza to the next level. If you’re in New York, look for Screamer’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. Headed to Philly, try Blackbird Pizzeria. And in Los Angeles, there’s Cruzer Pizza. I’ll post their Instagram’s below so you can check them out!