This Is What Happens When You Type the Word “Blep” Into Google

Even if you’ve never heard the word “blep” before, you’ll know exactly what it is if you’ve lived with cats. A “blep” is when a cat leaves his or her tongue slightly out of their mouths. Known for their usual regal air, this leaves cats looking a little less than distinguished.

I’ve lived with cats my whole life and I think this phenomenon is hilarious. A few months ago, I learned it actually had a name and today I googled it just for fun. LOLOL! The images that popped up were RIDCULOUS!

I also found this article which tries to explain why cats blep. The expert in the piece says it has something to do with when a cat is doing the Flehmen response (which I call vampire face). Apparently, they get so into what they’re smelling they forget to put their tongue back in their mouths!

Anyway, I could go on and on about how wonderful, funny, and fascinating cats are. Let’s get to what you came here for. Look at these pics! 😹😹

The Forlorn Blep

Image source: kaos_thecat/Instagram

The Angry Blep

Image source: Stitchfox/Instagram

The Drunk Blep

Image source: daisyandtiger/Instagram

The Sleepy Blep

Image source: tommythetux/Instagram

The Barely Blep

Image source: theblackandwhitebros/Instagram

The Worried Blep

Image source: when_lollie_met_angus/Instagram

The Leave Me Alone Blep

Image source: foster_mews/Instagram

The Fuggetaboutit Blep

Image source: maya_n_oskar/Instagram

The Baby Blep

Image source: dorotheasclosetvintage/Instagram

The Swiffer Blep

Image source: littlebittyoctober/Instagram

The Come Hither Blep

Image source: scoutandrad/Instagram