Vegan Doc Martens Are a 90s Fantasy Come to Life!

As a man of a *certain* age, I vividly remember the Doc Martens craze of the 90s. I remember my mother chastising my sister for wearing what she called “combat boots.” I remember walking miles and miles and miles in New York City in my own Docs. I remember Docs in crazy colors, platform soles, tall Docs, Oxford Docs — all of it.

Look at that thick platform sole! 😭😭
Vegan Jadon II by Doc Martens

Doc Martens are known to last FOREVER, and the truth is I still had my Doc Martens boots from the 90s when I went vegan in 2007. But they were also very beat up after several winters in New York and the decade in LA that followed. So I decided to donate them and make peace with the fact that I would never own Docs again since at that time all their shoes were made from leather.

Vegan 2976 by Doc Martens

But something miraculous happened a few years ago. Doc Martens started making an entirely vegan line of shoes! It started with a vegan version of their iconic 1460 boot in black, but quickly expanded to other styles due to their popularity.

The O.G. Vegan 1460 boot by Doc Martens

As soon as they came out I bought myself the Vegan 1460 in black… but then… a year or so later they made the 1460 in cherry red! I honestly could’ve cried – instead I immediately bought myself a pair. This was the shoe of my dreams in the 90s. And here it was again… and vegan!

Vegan 1460 in Cherry Red by Doc Martens
Vegan Blaire by Doc Martens

We have a Doc Martens store in our neighborhood and I walked over there yesterday. Right there in the middle of the store they actually have a big table that showcases all their current vegan styles. The staffers were more than happy to let me take pictures and let me know that all the vegan Docs have a yellow tag on them (you can see it in the photos). I went on the Doc Martens website when I got home and found even more options than in the store like these boots in metallic chrome silver and bronze!


Now, if you’re looking to buy yourself a fresh pair of Docs you can certainly go to the Doc Martens store online. But I’d like to suggest that you buy them from MooShoes. If you’ve never heard of MooShoes, brace yourself. Are you sitting down? MooShoes is an AMAZING all-vegan shoe store with brick and mortars in New York and Los Angeles – but they have a fabulous online store and will ship almost anywhere. They are a vegan-owned business founded by sisters, Erica and Sara Kubersky. Even if you’re not looking to buy Docs, check out MooShoes anyway. They carry a slew a vegan brands and have tons of styles for men and women.

Vegan 1461 by Doc Martens

Happy shopping!