America’s Largest Dairy BUSTED for Severe Abuse of Baby Calves

Shocking undercover video released by Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) revealed baby calves being thrown, stabbed, beaten, and burned by workers at Fair Oaks Farms, America’s largest dairy.

Mere feet from their mothers, the video shows baby calves being mercilessly abused while their mothers look on and cry out in terror. Some cows lose their voice from endlessly screaming.

Watch the video:

Fair Oaks Farms is known throughout the Midwest for operating America’s lone dairy theme park. Can you even believe that’s an actual thing? Located between Chicago and Indianapolis, the place receives thousands of visitors a year.

Thousands of hutches filled with calves at Fair Oaks

A few years ago, Fair Oaks began supplying milk for Coca-Cola’s Fairlife products, which are distributed throughout the United States.

A worker drags a calf by his head

Major retailers such as Jewel-Osco have now said they are pulling Fairlife from their shelves following the release of the video. And Indiana-based convenience store chain Family Express released this statement regarding removing Fairlife from its shelves:

The exposé of animal abuse in the Fair Oaks Farm network is chilling. A factor in our decision was the public response by Fair Oaks, asserting the notion that this was an isolated incident. This is hardly the response you would expect from an organization that gets it. The minimizing of the graphic animal cruelty offers little assurance of change in a culture that is likely in need of fundamental retooling. 

Family Express


ARM has called this the largest undercover dairy investigation ever done in the United States. Their investigator worked for three months at Fair Oaks, originally hired as a calf care employee. The irony.

A calf screams in pain as he’s burned

Additionally, while Fair Oaks told their customers they never sell their calves for veal, ARM’s investigator followed trucks of Fair Oaks’ calves being sold for just that.

In our 10 years of being undercover, we have never seen such consistent, constant abuse to a newborn baby animal.

ARM Founder Richard Couto

So what do Coca-Cola and Fair Oaks have to say? Well, it’s the same hand-wringing you always hear from these places after they’re caught with their hands covered in blood: We’re disgusted. The workers have been fired. We’re doing an audit. Blah, blah, blah. Coca-Cola says they still have full confidence in Fair Oaks. What a farce.

A calf is roughly thrown onto a truck

The sad truth is that animal cruelty is business as usual for factory farmers. In the dairy industry alone, abuses such as painful mutilations, ripping newborn calves away from mothers, and violent slaughter are considered standard industry practice.

Additionally, dozens of undercover investigations by animal rights activists at American dairies have revealed sickening cruelty to cows and calves over and over again. In fact, just this past April, animal rights organization Compassion Over Killing released undercover video footage from a Pennsylvania dairy farm that supplied Nestlé, the world’s largest food company. The abuses exposed were nothing short of horrific.

So what can we do about this? We can all stop consuming dairy. Period. That is the only way to know that your money is not going to support disgusting animal abuse. And nowadays, who the fuck needs dairy anyway? From milk and ice cream to butter and cheese – vegan alternatives to dairy are not only widely available, they taste better than you can imagine – and they’re better for you.

If you care about animals and you don’t want to see them suffer, you should stop eating them or anything that comes from them.