America’s Largest Organic Dairy Farm Caught Abusing Cows

This week, Animal Recovery Mission released undercover investigative video footage secretly recorded at Natural Prairie Organic Dairy Farm, the largest organic dairy operation in the United States. The six-minute video is nothing short of horrific.

Many consumers believe that purchasing organic animal products means that animals are treated better. This investigation proves that nothing could be further from the truth.

Some of the abuses documented in the video include cows being forced to live in overcrowded sheds filled with feces, mother cows having their newborn calves taken away from them within seconds after giving birth, cows being kicked and stabbed with screwdrivers, and downed cows being dragged by the face with tractors.

A cow too weak or sick to stand is dragged by a tractor

One particularly grueling moment in the video shows a cow who is obviously too sick or weak to even stand up being repeatedly kicked by farm workers. She is eventually dragged away by a tractor. Another segment shows a depressed cow who stops eating after her calf is taken from her being force-fed with a tube with her head caught in a vice.

A cow is force fed by having a tube shoved down her throat

Watch the video here:

Sadly, most of the abuses documented in this video are considered standard practices for the dairy industry. Don’t believe me? Go to YouTube and check out the dozens of undercover investigations by animal rights activists over the years, exposing the horrors of dairy farming. It’s absolutely heart-wrenching.

A newborn calf is dragged away as her mother looks on

Whether your milk or ice cream or cheese comes from an organic farm or a factory farm, you can be sure it’s all a product of animal cruelty. So what can we do about it? We can stop giving our consumer dollars to businesses who do this to animals. Of all the vegan alternatives on the market today, vegan alternatives to dairy are growing at the fastest pace and they’re the most widely available.

Boycott the cruel and heartless dairy industry by switching to plant-based alternatives. Do it now.