Vegan Product Watch: Beyond Bacon Is Just Around the Corner!

In a recent interview, Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown revealed that his company’s next big launch will most likely be a vegan bacon product. While no official launch date has been set, Brown said that “Beyond Bacon” is actively in development.

This exciting news comes after the announcement that Dunkin’ Donuts is partnering with Beyond Meat and will now offer a breakfast sandwich made with Beyond’s vegan sausage patty. The sandwich will be available at more than 100 locations across Manhattan with plans to expand the menu item nationally sometime in the near future.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ new breakfast sandwich

Beyond Meat took Wall Street by storm this year when it became the first vegan meat company to go public. In just the first few months of its IPO, Beyond’s stock has skyrocketed by 700 percent. Beyond products are now available at over 30,000 supermarkets and restaurants worldwide.

Beyond recently upgraded its burger, releasing the Beyond Burger 2.0 a few weeks ago. I tried the product on my podcast, tasting and comparing it to the original patty and it’s quite an improvement. Frankly, it’s the closest vegan product to beef on the market in my opinion. At the same time Beyond launched its 2.0 burger, it also launched Beyond Beef – a vegan ground beef product that can be used to make everything from meatballs to bolognese.

While I’m sure Beyond Bacon will be revolutionary, the truth is there are already tons of vegan bacon recipes that are pretty solid. Additionally, Lightlife’s Fakin’ Bacon while not exact, does offer a delicious smoky and salty flavor that’s excellent on sandwiches or in a scramble. And for a shelf-stable option, these new Pig Out Chips by Outstanding Foods are also legit.

Anyone who’s been vegan for a hot minute has heard the excuse, “But I could never give up bacon.” Well, if Beyond Bacon is as good as it’s burgers and beef, soon they won’t have.

Main image source: Instagram/beyondmeat