10 Irritating Things Vegans Hear Over Thanksgiving… And How to Clap Back

To all my fellow vegans out there, stay strong! Hopefully this post will give you give a laugh or two. ❤️🦃

1. It’s tradition to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

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Some of the most egregious practices throughout human history have been defended in the name of “tradition.” I’m choosing to start new traditions that don’t involve harming animals.

2. But what are you going to eat?

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Did you see all the shit I brought, motherfucker? (OK, don’t call your cousin a motherfucker, keep that part inside) Everyone knows Thanksgiving is all about the sides – all of which can easily be made vegan – mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, roasted veggies, cranberry sauce – even pumpkin pie.

3. Tofurky is gross.

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You know what’s actually gross?? Animal abuse. If you don’t like Tofurky, don’t eat it. But there’s a million other things you can eat on Thanksgiving that doesn’t involve animal cruelty.

4. Why do you have to ruin every holiday?

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Why do you have to ruin every day?

5. You’re going to offend Grandma if you don’t eat her mashed potatoes.

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I’ve already spoken to Grandma and this year we’re making mashed potatoes together with Miyoko’s butter and cashew cream. I came early and helped her cook unlike your lazy ass.

6. Can you just not be vegan for one day?

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Can you just not be a dick for one day? I’m not telling you what to eat, I’m telling you what I’m eating.  

7. This must be so hard for you.

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Honestly, what’s hard is knowing the insane cruelty animals suffer just to be turned into “food.” Being vegan is the easy part.

8. You can’t expect everyone else to change what they’re eating because of you.

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I’m not. You can eat whatever you want and so can I.

9. Things aren’t going to taste the same if we make them vegan.

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Most of them will taste pretty damn close. So much of what we eat on Thanksgiving is already vegetarian except for the turkey. Keep an open mind.

10. Ugh… I can’t believe you’re vegan.

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Oh, gurl… I can’t believe we’re related.