6 Vegan Nogs Ranked from Ho Ho Ho to No No No

Every year, my husband and I do a “Nog Off” on our podcast. We drive around town hitting up all our local markets and buying all the vegan nogs we can find. Then we taste and compare them live on our show.

Usually we taste around two or three, but this year we found six! Here’s what we thought…

1. Almond Breeze Nog

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OK, so my husband and I disagreed on our top nog but since I’m writing this post, I’m going with my picks. For me, Almond Breeze’s nog was the best. Though not as thick and creamy as So Delicious’ coconut milk version, I thought the flavor was better. This nog is very vanilla forward with a perfect blend of spices that’s not overpowering. It’s excellent! This would be great heated up and mixed with your favorite spirit or drink this shit straight out of the fridge. If you’re a real pro, you could make French toast with this stuff or cook your oatmeal in it. Whatever you do, don’t let it go to waste!

2. So Delicious Holiday Nog

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Like I said, this was my husband’s favorite. While I agree that this was by far the creamiest of all the nogs we tasted, I thought it had a bit of a weird aftertaste (for the record, my husband didn’t know what I was talking about). The blend of spices on this nog is superb and it had just the right amount of sweetness. Even though it’s made from coconut milk, there is not even the slightest hint of coconut flavor. Well done, So Delicious!

3. Califia Farms Holiday Nog

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Though not as creamy as the two above, the blend of spices in this almond milk-based nog is marvelous. You definitely experience hints of cinnamon and nutmeg but then I got an almost Coca-cola flavor that I loved! It’s like an old-fashioned float with a holiday twist. This would be perfect for mixing with brandy or rum. I should mention that at this point, my husband said that he was done and the next three nogs he didn’t even feel the need to rank.

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4. Trader Joe’s Almond Nog

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Sadly, this nog tries to be all things to all people and winds up not being much at all. While not offensive, this is basically like a slightly thicker and sweeter vanilla almond milk with just the tiniest bit of nog spice. It tastes good but left us wanting more.

5. Silk Nog

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This is the only nog we tasted that was soy milk-based. The consistency and sweetness were great, but Silk committed the cardinal sin of including a spiced orange flavor in their recipe. Gurl, if there’s one thing I can’t handle about pumpkin spice or a nog, it’s when people take the spice too far and you wind up drinking potpourri. Nobody asked for that. So sad.

6. Malk Pecan Nog

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OK, so I have to give some props to Malk for their originality. This was the first time I’ve ever had pecan milk… it might be my last though. In terms of consistency, all the other nogs we tried were smooth, silky, and creamy; this was chalky. The pecan flavor overshadowed everything else in this nog so it was kind of like drinking a pecan pie – not really what you’d expect from a nog. This was also the most expensive of the six. I think we paid around $6.00 for this stuff. My advice: save your money.