Now That the Golden Globes Are Vegan, Why the F*ck Isn’t Your Event?

In keeping with their commitment to sustainability (and with a little push from Joaquin Phoenix), the Hollywood Foreign Press Association – the people behind the Golden Globes – decided to make their awards dinner completely plant-based last night. It’s the first time a major Hollywood awards show has gone all-vegan.

As an Angeleno for more than 20 years, and because my husband is in “the business,” I’ve been to countless galas, fundraisers, awards dinners, industry events, you name it. I’ve listened for hours as studio heads, celebrities, and VIP’s have lauded themselves for being “green,” and “eco,” and “environmentally conscious.” And do you know what they serve at these events without fail? Meat. Specifically, red meatone of the leading causes of climate change.

A few years back, I attended an event called the Environmental Media Awards which is put on by the Environmental Media Association (yes, the word “environment” is in their name). This lavish affair, held at the Warner Brothers backlot, is an annual party and awards show that recognizes people in Hollywood who use their platform to raise awareness about environmental issues, most notably the climate crisis.

As I rubbed elbows with some of Hollywood’s brightest stars, we were being offered hors d’oeuvres that included Kobe beef, a bacon-wrapped concoction, and some fish bullshit. I couldn’t believe it. Not only were the selections cruel, their very presence were laughably hypocritical. I mean, even for a town that’s known for being fake, this was next level.

Now, being the pain in the ass that I am, I have at such events sought out the organizers to complain very politely inform them about the destructive nature of animal agriculture. I’ve also written to several CEO’s and executive directors asking why they continue to serve meat at their “sustainable” events? If they respond at all, the reply is always the same. They tell me that guests who are invited or buy tickets to these extravagant parties expect to be served meat. They claim that people will be pissed if they show up and all the food is plant-based.

Oh, for fuck’s sake.

Number one, that’s just weak as hell. What values do you have as an organization or a business if you walk them back at the slightest pushback? And, honestly, I don’t even know if I believe that. We all remember the scene in Cowspiracy where environmental groups pretended not to know how detrimental animal agriculture is. This feels like an excuse – and not a good one.

Number two (if the above is true), can you believe all these motherfuckers who say they care about climate change and want to show up and get honored for being so environmentally woke, who also want to shove their faces with Kobe beef sliders? Gurl. I mean, GURL.

Even though one Golden Globes dinner isn’t solving the climate crisis, it sets a great example. It lets people know that this is what we should strive for. It gets people talking. It’s also just in alignment with values like trying to save the damn world. As the HFPA said, “It sends a good message.”

Moving forward, I’d like to challenge all nonprofits and companies who claim to care about the environment to take their cues from the Golden Globes and do the same.

We can’t make sure everyone arrives to the party in a Tesla, but we can make sure they’re eating sustainable and delicious vegan food once they get there. And if your guests complain, tell them they’re free to grab a burger and shit all over the planet as soon as they leave.