REVIEW: Are Nuggs Really the “Tesla of Chicken?”

Maybe it’s just me, but my social media feed has literally been flooded with ads for Nuggs – a new plant-based chicken nugget. Since my husband and I taste a new vegan product each week on our podcast, I decided to give in and buy some.

I clicked over to the website and the first thing you notice is that Nuggs looks more like a technology company than a site selling food. I mean, there are vegan nuggets floating all around the clean, minimalist page, but right there in big, bold font is a description that reads: “The Tesla of Chicken.” I quickly found out that Nuggs are not available to purchase in the supermarket, you have to order them from the website. Two pounds of Nuggs will run you $34.99, four pounds brings down the price slightly to $44.99. So, they’re not cheap.

Our Nuggs came within a few days and I have to say they were expertly packed. One thing they did not skimp on at Nuggs is the branding and packaging. Our Nuggs were still very frozen when they got here and they arrived in a beautiful box.

The day we recorded our podcast, we cooked our Nuggs from frozen in the oven. They were done in a mere 15 minutes. Fully cooked, they look closer to McNuggets than any other vegan nugget I’ve seen. Biting into them, they are super crispy on the outside and tender and — I hate this word — moist on the inside. The texture and the flavor were excellent. It’s a solid nugget.

But are Nuggs better than the vegan stuff we already have on the market? Are they really the “Tesla of Chicken?” I’m not so sure. I personally think Gardein’s Crispy Tenders or the Popcorn Chik’n by Morning Star taste just as good – and they definitely won’t cost you as much. At the current price point, I think Nuggs are more of a novelty. I mean, there’s the convenience of having them delivered, but in the age of Instacart you can get almost anything to your door within a matter of hours, so…

I did a little digging and it turns out that the person behind Nuggs is a “serial entrepreneur” by the name of Ben Pasternak. Pasternak is also the founder of a popular social media app — maybe that’s where the Silicon Valley aesthetic of the company comes from? He recently secured a few million bucks, changed the name of Nuggs to Simulate, and plans to launch more plant-based products, including a spicy nugget and a hot dog. Ads undoubtedly coming soon to your social media feed!