18 Amazing Vegan Finds at Gelson’s Market

When I went vegan 12 years ago, there were barely any options at the supermarket except for in the produce aisle. And while fresh fruits and vegetables should be a part of anyone’s diet, I also craved certain specialty items that I missed from my pre-vegan days. Not only were those products few and far between back then, but I had to go to a health food store to find them.

But, like Celine predicted in the early 2000s, a new day has come! Traditional supermarkets all over the country have started stocking delicious vegan alternatives to dairy, meat, and eggs. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite vegan finds from my local supermarket, Gelson’s.

Take a look at all the amazing stuff they carry!

1. Vegan Reddi Wip

I was super surprised to find this at my local market. The only other place I found this stuff was at a small market in Eagle Rock that caters to vegans.

2. Elmhurst Dairy

Hands down the best plant-based milk on the market! My favorite is the hazelnut variety. Fun fact: Elmhurst used to be a traditional dairy and closed it’s doors after 90 years to reopen as an all-vegan milk company.

3. Bitchin’ Sauce

This stuff is gold! It’s kind of like hummus but almond-based. I use the pesto variety in my pasta as sauce because it’s that good. And I’m loving the prominent VEGAN signage here. It pops up all over the store!

4. Miyoko’s Butter

The best vegan butter on the market. Sometimes for a snack I just toast some sourdough with this stuff. It might sound basic, but it’s heaven!

5. Parmela Cheese

No shade to Daiya, but this stuff tastes better. It’s not as easy to find as other brands unfortunately, but Gelson’s has it.

6. Vegan Ben & Jerry’s

I have a serious ice cream problem and I don’t care. LOVE the new dairy-free flavors by Ben & Jerry’s and again with the prominent VEGAN signage!

7. Just Egg

To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of this product but I think it’s cool that my local market carries it. My tofu scramble is better though. Still, I have a friend who loves this stuff so…

8. Michelle’s Cookies

I think this is more of a southern California thing, but I am obsessed with this woman’s cookies! I once drunk-emailed her to tell her how much I loved them.

9. Field Roast Corn Dogs

Very cool to see a speciality item like this at a regular supermarket. Who knew?? And Field Roast’s frankfurters are the best and they carry them too!

10. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Gurl, $10.99 for a pint of ice cream?! I know. But still, I was happy to see Gelson’s carries this fancy shit so I took the picture.

11. Kite Hill Yogurt

The best vegan yogurt on the market in my opinion and it was on sale!

12. Hodo Tofu

If you haven’t tried this tofu yet, you seriously need to. I don’t know how they do it, but the texture is AMAZING and very different than traditional tofu. This flavor is GREAT too!

13. Vegan Haagen-Dazs

I know… more ice cream. I told you I have a problem. Don’t judge me.

14. Beyond Burgers

We make these at least once a week in my house. It’s the best veggie burger in existence. May Goddess bless the good people at Beyond Meat!

15. Violife Cheese

This stuff has been a thing in Europe for a hot minute but it just came to the states like a year ago. Was super excited to see it in my local market! It’s solid.

16. Follow Your Heart Parmesan

Another amazing vegan cheese! I love this stuff! They also carry the Follow Your Heart cheese slices which are also amazing. The smoked Gouda is my favorite.

17. Vegan Chobani Yogurt

Chobani just introduced a non-dairy version of its yogurt this year. It’s coconut-based and really good.

18. Califia Cold Brew

I don’t drink this stuff but I was excited to see it stocked at my local market. So nice to see dairy-free coffee drinks available.

If you made it to the end of this post and you’re like, “Gurl… my local market doesn’t carry ANY of this shit,” here’s my advice: ASK THEM. It works. I’ve asked the manager at Gelson’s to carry so much stuff and within a few week they usually have it. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it never hurts to ask.