Meat From Oats Is the Next Big Thing in Veganism

It goes without saying that oats are having a moment. Don’t believe me? Just try getting out of Whole Foods alive with a carton of Oatly – that’s if they even have it in stock. Seriously, the popularity of oat milk has skyrocketed in the last few years resulting in a shortage. In fact, Oatly, the undisputed gold standard of oat milks, is now finishing up construction on an American factory just to keep up with demand. (Oatly is based in Sweden.)

But it’s not just milk. The oat craze has also given us oat yogurt, oat ice cream, and now, oat meat. In fact, vegan meat made from oats is poised to be the next big thing; that is if Finnish innovators Maija Itkonen and Reetta Kivelä have their way. They’re the founders of Gold & Green, a new vegan meat company producing “pulled oats” – and this new vegan meat is already taking Finland and Scandinavia by storm.

Look at that texture!

It may be only a matter of time before oat meat takes over. I’m not kidding. This is not just because oats are suddenly all the rage, but because Gold & Green’s approach is truly revolutionary. Consider this: Their pulled oats are made from only five simple ingredients: oats, faba beans, yellow peas, canola oil, and salt. They contain no additives, fillers, preservatives, or GMO’s. Additionally, pulled oats are a nutrition powerhouse. Each serving packs 30 grams of protein (more than beef or chicken), all nine essential amino acids, and nearly half your daily recommended amount of iron.

Pulled oats bolognese
Image source: Gold & Green

So, how’s the taste? Well, let’s just say supermarkets in Finland and Sweden can’t keep it in stock as it regularly sells out. And major fast food chain Taco Bell was so stoked over it they added pulled oats as a vegan meat option at locations in Finland back in November; they’ll be offering it in the U.K. starting this month. The license for making pulled oats has already been sold to 10 countries, with the United States still under negotiations.

Pulled oats tortillas
Image source: Gold & Green

So, will this shredded oat meat deliciousness be the next Impossible Burger? If the success of oat milk is an indicator, I’d say get ready.

Just a side note. As luck would have it, I’ll be in Helsinki later this month and fully intend on tasting pulled oats for the first time. I’ll report back once I do and let you know what I think!