REVIEW: Miyoko’s New Cheeses, Butter Set a New Gold Standard

The Intro

When it comes to vegan cheese, Miyoko’s has long been the gold standard. Years before Miyoko Schinner started manufacturing and selling her cheeses online and in supermarkets, my husband and I used to make her cheese recipes from her cookbook. They were always outstanding.

When Schinner launched her retail vegan cheese line a few years back, we knew it would be revolutionary – and it truly was. Then came her butter, another revelation.

Last week, Miyoko’s launched her brand new oat-based cheeses and butter. For the moment, you can only find them at Whole Foods (but they’ll be available via the Miyoko’s website in the near future). I got my hands on the stuff recently and did a review on my podcast, but I wanted to post about it here, as well.

First off, what makes this stuff so great is that it’s virtually allergen-free. While Miyoko’s has always set the bar for vegan cheese in terms of amazing flavor and texture, all of her cheeses to date have been made from nuts, a common allergen. Using oats as the base for her new cheeses and butter is a smart choice, particularly as the popularity of oat-based dairy products has skyrocketed in the last couple years.

The Cheeses

The new cheeses come in shreds and slices and in two different flavors: Farmhouse Cheddar and Pepper Jack. Let’s talk about the taste first. The cheddar has a distinct aged flavor that’s very reminiscent of dairy cheese. I wouldn’t call it sharp necessarily, more a medium aged cheddar. The Pepper Jack is lighter and has less of an aged flavor, but it has a tang and spice that you’ll love.

Now, let’s talk about texture because that’s what really sets these cheeses apart. I was told by someone that in order to really appreciate how amazing these slices are, you had to melt them (they’re a bit thicker than most vegan sliced cheeses). So my husband and I made grilled cheeses with both flavors. Let me say, I have never had vegan cheese this ooey and gooey and stretchy. I don’t know how Miyoko did it, but she really captured the texture of dairy cheese— very impressive. My husband loved these so much he kept making grilled cheese for several days in a row. I don’t think many would be able to tell that our grilled cheeses were not made from dairy. Seriously, wow.  

The Butter

First, the packaging on Miyoko’s new oat-based butter is slightly different. This one comes in a tub versus a box with wax paper. Honestly, I kind of prefer the original packaging as I feel it’s more old school. There are two varieties here also: a plain butter with a hint of sea salt and a garlic parm butter. The garlic parm version is seriously incredible. Of all the new oat-based products, this might be my favorite – even more than the cheeses. It is so packed with flavor you are not going to believe it when you taste it. It is very garlicy – but think roasted garlic – and then that parmesan cheese taste kicks in. OMG!! This literally will turn any plain toast into the most amazing garlic bread instantly. Or, just throw this stuff on some freshly made pasta and let it melt all over. Gurl, it is sooo good!

So in sum: needless to say, Miyoko’s has again knocked it out of the park with this oat-based line. Again, look for these products in Whole Foods or check back on her website and order there when they become available.