Undercover Video Exposes Sadistic Animal Abuse at Nestlé Dairy Supplier

A shocking new undercover investigation by animal rights organization Compassion Over Killing revealed sadistic animal abuse at a dairy factory farm that supplied to Nestlé, the world’s largest food company. In fact, this Pennsylvania dairy farm (Martin Farms) actually provided the milk for Nestlé-owned ice cream brands Edy’s, Dreyer’s, and Häagen Dazs.

The nearly six-minute video is beyond disturbing. It shows workers burning the horns out of calves’ skulls as they writhe in agony, a cow being shot in the head who remains conscious until a second shot is fired, and sick animals being kicked and stomped on. Cows are also shown having scalding water sprayed in their faces to get them to move faster.

What’s even more appalling is that some of this abuse, like the cruel burning of calves’ horns, is considered standard practice in the dairy industry. Additionally, the heartless separation of mother cows from their baby calves happens on all dairy farms – yes, even organic ones.

Still of a cow being shot in the head

Nestlé responded saying they severed ties with Martin Farms but let’s be real: If it wasn’t for the brave animal activist who went undercover and filmed this abuse, it would still be going on right now. The question needs to be asked: What oversight does Nestlé – the largest food company in the world with BILLIONS in profits – have over its factory farm suppliers? Do they really care – or is it only when they are caught in videos like this?

Still of a calf struggling in pain while having her horns burned off

Back in June, Nestlé made a big shiny announcement that they were co-founding the Global Coalition for Animal Welfare with six other companies. That sounds great in a splashy news headline, but then when activists uncover abuse like this you have to question how serious Nestlé really is or if the statements on animal welfare are just for show.

Sadly, the cruelty exposed in this video is par the course for the dairy industry. Don’t believe me? Google it. Factory farms are literally hell on Earth for animals. There have been dozens of undercover videos taken at America’s dairy farms that show similar abuse.

If Nestlé truly cared about animals, they would stop using them to produce food. That may sound like a pipe dream to some, but the truth is there is no “humane” way to exploit animals.

And as far as dairy is concerned, the public has already spoken. As this article chronicles, the milk industry is losing profits as the plant-based sector is soaring. People are moving away from dairy, with its negative health effects and inherent cruelty, in favor of cleaner and kinder vegan alternatives.

If this video and these images upset you (as they should) and you’re still consuming dairy products then it’s time you stop. Dairy is one of these easiest things to remove from your diet because the vegan alternatives are not only just as good, they’re better. Vegan ice cream is everywhere nowadays from Ben & Jerry’s to Halo Top. There is no reason to be supporting a cruel, dying industry that inflicts such sickening cruelty on innocent animals.