I Just Tried The World’s First Dairy-Based Ice Cream Made WITHOUT Animals

On our way to lunch today I spotted a Perfect Day ice cream truck and screamed for my husband to stop the car! I got out and sure enough, Perfect Day was sampling its brand new ice cream and I got to try it.

What’s so revolutionary about Perfect Day is that they are the first company to bring lab-produced dairy to market. You read that right: this is dairy, molecularly identical to cow’s milk, it’s just made entirely without animals – think clean meat but for milk. Perfect Day is calling their product flora-based dairy, and it’s made by taking the essential genes of dairy and adding them to microflora. Then, a fermentation process is used to yield milk. I’m not a scientist so don’t ask me to elaborate further, gurl. Here’s a cute video that explains it:

Anyway, Perfect Day was sampling two flavors today: salted fudge caramel and strawberry. Being that strawberry is for amateurs, I naturally opted for the fudge caramel. It was GREAT! Truth be told, I did not notice much of a difference between this and the plant-based ice creams already in the supermarket. I honestly think that of all the plant-based dairy alternatives, ice cream has always been the best. The Perfect Day was creamy, rich, and delicious.

The truly exciting thing about flora-based dairy is all the other applications for this stuff. You know what I’m talking about ladies: CHEESE!!! Not that the vegan cheeses on the market aren’t good (thank you, Miyoko) – but can you imagine vegan cheeses that are identical to dairy cheeses that melt and stretch and all that – and NO ANIMALS were exploited? Genius!

If you’re in Los Angeles, the Perfect Day ice cream truck will be making stops all over the city this week. One of the staffers told me they’ll be in Santa Monica tomorrow (Saturday). So, check them out if you can.

Perfect Day was already selling pints off their website for a while, but it was crazy expensive – like $60 for three pints! I did a short survey at the truck today, and it looks like they want to try to bring the price down to $6.99 a pint – not ridiculously expensive, but not exactly cheap either. Still, this is truly a revolutionary product that could seriously disrupt the dairy industry and I’m SOOO here for it.