The Best New Vegan Products of 2020… So Far

Each week, my husband and I taste new vegan products on our podcast. There’s actually been so much innovation in the plant-based food space over the last few years that we’ve had a new product to taste almost every week for nearly four years!

Since we’re now officially halfway through this year – thank the Lord – I’ve compiled a list of the vegan products that have impressed us the most so far.

1. Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Feta Crumbles

We tried these on our most recent podcast and they blew us away! I’ve tried vegan feta over the years, but nothing has impressed me. Follow Your Heart has finally cracked the code! This is extremely reminiscent of actual feta cheese. It’s salty, tangy, the texture is just right — and there’s NO weird aftertaste. This stuff is brand new so you might not be able to find it for another couple weeks, but you must try it when you do because it’s excellent!

2. Trader Joe’s Turkeyless Protein Patties

Yes, the name is dreadful but trust me, these are really good. This is like the Beyond Burger or the Impossible Burger of turkey burgers. Back in the day, I used to eat turkey burgers a lot and the way TJ’s has recreated it from plants is uncanny. I eat these in a bun with a little bit of the Follow Your Heart tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomato. It’s amazing! You can also do this up traditional-style with ketchup, mustard, pickles… you get it. Pro tip: Cook these in the oven! Set your oven to 450° and cook for 20 minutes flipping the burger at half time.

3. Miyoko’s Oat-Based Farmhouse Cheddar

Hands down, this is the best vegan cheddar on the market. The flavor is great but that’s not what makes this cheese exceptional, it’s the texture! If you use this in a grilled cheese (and I highly suggest you do) you will discover the most ooey, gooey, stretchy vegan cheese ever! The Pepper Jack version is good too — but it’s spicy so you’ve been warned. 🔥

4. Sweet Earth’s Mindful Chik’n

If you miss the vegan chicken strips that Beyond Meat used to make, you will love these! They are a blank canvas so you can flavor them however you like. Sweet Earth did a great job on the texture and the flavor. Try them in pasta, a salad, or a stir-fry. So good!

5. Outstanding Foods’ Pigless Pork Rinds

Truth be told, I never had pork rinds in my pre-vegan days so I really had nothing to compare these to — but they are delicious! They’re kind of like a potato chip crossed with a cheese puff? The nacho cheese was my favorite flavor but all of them were fantastic. You can have these as a snack or on the side with a sandwich — or be adventurous, crunch these up, and put them in a salad or a wrap. Go ahead… live for your best life!

6. Tofurky’s Moocho Cheesecake

Tofurky’s first venture into the vegan dairy space is a triumph! These personal-sized plant-based cheesecakes are so delicious! Hailing form New Jersey, the New York Style was my favorite naturally. Look for these in the frozen section of your supermarket. They’re giving the Daiya cheesecakes (another favorite of ours) a run for their money.

7. Trader Joe’s Vegan Cheddar and Mozzarella

For years, Trader Joe’s was hocking vegan mozzarella shreds that were so vile I was actually wrote a post warning people that they were TRASH. Well, I guess the powers that be at TJ’s read Veganista because they revamped their vegan mozz shreds and also introduced a sliced vegan cheddar and I’m happy to report that both are superb! Seriously, this stuff is on the level of Violife. So, if you had that nasty shit they used to make, don’t let it stop you from picking this stuff up.

8. Miyoko’s Oat Milk Garlic Parm Butter

OK, I know we have a ton of vegan butters on the market, but trust me, this shit is next level. If you’re a garlic lover, this stuff is definitely for YOU! Slather this on a baguette and toast it up for some instant garlic bread — use this on a pasta, in mashed potatoes, the possibilities are endless. Miyoko truly hit it out the park with this products. The flavor is bold and fantastic!

So far, 2020 has been a great year for new vegan products! If you want to follow us for future vegan product reviews, you can listen to our podcast on Apple, Spotify, or here.